Holsters for Concealed Carry
    Made in Florida by Americans
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Smoking Gun Holsters™

The only company producing bullet resistant holsters,
add an additional level of safety when you carry,
transport or store a loaded handgun.


Custom Holsters at Production Prices
Made in Florida by Americans

Look at the holsters on this web site,  they were custom make for one of our thousands of customers.  Think about what you want the holster to do or about how you want to carry the handgun, then, tell us your requirements and we will build the holster you want.

You can contact us via e-mail or just call us to discuss
your design requirements.  Once we know your requirements
we will build the holster you want.  If you want an existing
holster design, just go to our store and purchase the product.

Pocket, Purse, Belt, Belt Clip, Belly Band, Bedside, Handgun Security Bag, Barrel Covers, Custom Holsters and more.

(Patent Pending)

Our Holsters


 Pocket Holster

 Pocket Revolver



Belt Clip Purse Holster with Internal Second Magazine

 Large Purse Holster



 Small Purse Holster

 Deep Cover Purse Holster with Internal Second Magazine



 Deep Cover Belt Clip Holster with Internal Second Magazine

 Model 19 and Model 33 Belt Clip Holsters



Security Bag 

 iPOD Belt Clip Hidden Handgun Holster

Please watch our Introduction Video Below

Custom Grips

For the best grips you can buy

Please contact

Michael Gailey


If you contact Michael. let him know that you

saw his grips on the Smoking Gun Holster website

Why do you need a Smoking Gun Holster
Even a Police Chief can shoot himself
Watch the video at the link below


Customer Comments


I received the new holsters yesterday and they look great. I opened the box and immediately took photos and sent them to a dear friend in SC who was visiting his adult daughter who carries a Ruger LCR and told me a day or so back that he was interested in getting her one too.

Immediately I placed my CZ in its new deep Cover holster, slid it on my belt and wore it the rest of the day. Great fit and comfortable carry.

Then I checked out my LC9 in the pocket holster. Again, a great fit and comfortable pocket carry.

The modified Deep Cover for my son-in-law looks great and will be a Christmas gift so that one go wrapped.

I love the belly band holster as well. I had already been wondering if you ever considered making such a design as I am partial to that method of carry and would like the safety advantage of using your design. I sincerely think you should carry and market that style holster. In fact it is my suspicion that women may very well be the first to embrace your products in large numbers if offered in the right formats and presented to the them in a way that connects with their more careful nature.

I have been wearing that belly band holster all day today and even wore it to a 3 hour long dentist appointment this morning. Interestingly I am having a conversation about your holsters when I see him again tomorrow morning because both he and his wife are daily concealed carriers too!

Thanks again,



The holster looks fantastic and I am sincerely impressed by yourself and your company. You have been fantastic to work with, I will be sure to tell everyone I know to shop first at Smoking Gun Holsters. I have never been more pleased to have done business with anyone. Thank you.



I love your smoking guns holsters I have two pocket holsters One for my Taurus 709 and one for my Ruger Lcp. I use them all the time. I realize that guns don't go off without pulling the trigger, at least not modern guns. But I like having a bullet barrier when I sit down my pocket points the pistol at people. I really had a problem with that and these holsters are the solution! They fit great and the customer servicve is second to none!
Sincerely, Nate

I hope this is good, been meaning to do this for a while. I see u have expanded your line, awesome. Also I plan on sending you a holster I would like semi-coppied it is a NAA 22 mag pocket holster. I like my little gun but don't trust it, :)



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